2012 Oscar predictions (old re-post)

My predictions for the Oscars (which I made a few hours before they aired)

1. I really wish Nick Nolte was going to win for “Warrior.” He was beyond amazing, and “Warrior” was a surprisingly moving film; however, this is Christopher Plummer’s year. I absolutely loved him in “Beginners” and I’m glad he is going to win his first Oscar tonight.

2. Rooney Mara deserved her nomination, without question. I would love for her to win as well but that one isn’t happening, either; nevertheless, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” has made me a huge fan of her, and I’m sure we’ll see her name at the Oscars again soon.

3. I rarely have uncertainty when it comes to who is going to win, but the best actor race is the one thing I can’t make bets on. I want Jean Dujardin to win. I really want Jean Dujardin to win. George Clooney is a good actor, but even he can’t deny his popularity has earned him awards he didn’t deserve. The academy could give him the Oscar tonight just because they like him so much, which would be ridiculous and somewhat of a poor judgement call, but then again, so was not nominating Michael Fassbender …

4. “The Artist” already has best picture in the bag, but I would beso happy if “Midnight in Paris” won, instead. I loved every minute of MiP. If hell did freeze over and “The Artist” lost to anything, then this would be the movie to lose to.

5. I’m looking forward to Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer’s acceptance speeches 🙂

update: I’m happy Meryl won her third Oscar (personally, I loved her acceptance speech) but Viola should have won. Her performance in “The Help” left me speechless. I would have liked for Berenice Bejo to have won but Octavia deserved it. Best part of the night: Octavia and Jean Dujardin’s individual speeches. I would have sat through the entire show just for those two moments.


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