Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” was fantastic. The opening credits were not necessary; if anything, it was really boring and served no purpose to the rest of the movie. Daniel Craig is much easier on the eyes than Michael Nyqvist, but Nyqvist plays the role of Mikael a  bit better. That is not to say Daniel didn’t do a good job, because he did. Rooney Mara made for one hell of a Lisbeth Salander. I was in complete awe of her from start to finish. She pulled off a very daunting role and made it look easy. Nobody can touch Noomi – that goes without saying – but Rooney came thisclose. I can’t picture any Hollywood actress in this role other than Rooney. The screenplay was top-notch, as was David Fincher’s directing. If he got an Oscar nomination for directing, it would be genuinely deserved. There was a little more humour to be found here than in the original. I don’t know if the writers intended this part to be funny, but I let out an unintended chuckle when Lisbeth asked Mikael’s permission to kill someone. If I had to choose between the Swedish version or the American remake, I would stick with the Swedish original. I felt there was a lot more depth in the emotion and storytelling than with this one. That is not to mean anything negative to the remake. This is one of the best, if not the best movie that came out last year, and I really mean that. It was well written and directed, and had one of the year’s most truly captivating performances in Rooney Mara


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