update on Thor 2 production

The sequel to Thor, called “Thor:The Dark World,” has begun production and the pictures are looking pretty good. It doesn’t seem as if many, if any, plot details have been released just yet but from what I know:

1. Almost every player from “Thor” has returned except Josh Dallas, who played Fandral but couldn’t come back due to his current commitment to “Once Upon A Time;” instead, he’ll be replaced by Zachary Levi (yes, Chuck is going to be in a Marvel movie). Natalie Portman is back from her maternity leave and will reprise her role as Jane.

2. Darcy (played by Kat Dennings) will have a more prominent role this time as opposed to before where she simply supplied one-liners and undressed Thor with her eyes the whole time.

3. Kenneth Branagh, who directed “Thor,” is out the director’s chair. I’m not too upset by this. Honestly, he had one too many shots where the camera was tilted to the side, and it got more distracting as the movie went along.

4. The sequel is in the hands of Alan Taylor this time around. Taylor’s work has been primarily on television where he has directed episodes for a bevy of successful shows, including Mad Men, Nurse Jackie, Sex and the City, Lost, The West Wing, Homicide: Life on the Streets, Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos, for which he won a directing Emmy in 2007. Due to his lack of film credits, I don’t know his film style but overall he looks like he’s got a good amount of experience under his belt.

5. The tentative date for release, unless things change, is scheduled for November 8, 2013. The date is puzzling because Marvel movies are typically made with a summer blockbuster agenda, so releasing this all the way in November could be a good way to break from the summer movie pack and come out when there’s little to no competition at the box office (though “Thor” wouldn’t really struggle to find an audience). Could they be making a shot for the moon and releasing this right on the edge of award season in the hopes that Tom Hiddleston can snag a nomination for Best Supporting Actor on account of his recurring daddy issues? Hmmmmmm … Either way, this release date definitely has piqued my interest because they’ve got something up their sleeve and I want in on it.


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