My expectations going into this were exceptionally high, considering all the glowing reviews it had been receiving. I was . . . amazed. The story was sharp, the actors were incredible (especially Javier Bardem, who can play a villain like no other), and the cinematography was perfect. Having Roger Deakins, the cinematographer behind “Shawshank Redemptions” and 2010’s “True Grit” remake, was a brilliant choice. The film is full of visually stunning shots, like the scene where we meet Silva for the first time. In a single take, Silva approaches Bond first as a small image on the screen but as he gets closer, he becomes larger and larger until the moment he’s face to face with Bond, when he is towering over Bond (and the audience). The cat-and-mouse scene in the skyscraper was one of my absolute favorites in the whole movie. I was more than a little disappointed with the showdown between Bond and Silva, if you can even call it that. Bond and Silva didn’t even fight, though that wasn’t my biggest complaint – it was in the fact this larger than life villain meets his end in the most anticlimactic way (a knife to the back), which is a major injustice to a character who is quite possibly the best Bond villain ever on screen. Daniel Craig completely owns this character. Giving him this role was a genius decision. I hope he sticks around for a while. Overall, I loved it. I’ve heard many people say it but I have to agree – this is one of the best 007 movies that has ever been made.


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