movies I saw in 2012 (WIP)

This is a mere work in progress of every movie I saw in 2012. I have a long list to go through, so I’m slowly chipping away at this post.

January: the lone movie of choice was “Haywire.” I will admit that I mostly sought this out because I was on a post-“Shame” Michael Fassbender buzz. For this movie, I wasn’t expecting much and that was what I got in return. The film was bare, the music was used minimally, and the lead actress needs a few more lessons. The fight scenes alone made it worth my money. 7.5/10.

February: “Chronicle.” Oh my heavenly Jesus. I knew absolutely nothing going into the theater and had no idea, at all, what was coming my way. Everything about it – the unknown cast, the shaky camera, the crazy-ass plot twists – all worked. One of the best films I saw this year, hands down, no comparison. 9/10.

“The Vow.” Oy vey. Where could I start? The zero chemistry between the leads? The heavy handed plot that did everything but slap me in the face to make me shed tears? The predictably bitchy ex-fiance and parents? How about the ending that didn’t even give us what we waited two hours to get? Maybe it was just me. My level of disappointment can’t be put into words. 2/10.

March: “21 Jump Street.” Remember what I said about how I love surprises? I never expected to like Channing Tatum . . . in anything. Yet there I was, doubled over in the theater, clutching my side, tears pouring down my face, shocked out of my mind that this movie was way more than I ever thought it would be. I didn’t think it’d be that funny, nor did I expect to like it this much. 7.5/10.

“The Hunger Games”

April: I saw nothing this month. I fail at life.

May: “The Avengers.” “Battleship.”

June: “Snow White and the Huntsman.” “Prometheus.” “Brave.” “Ted.” “Magic Mike.”

July: “The Amazing Spider-Man.” “The Dark Knight Rises.”

August: “Lawless.” “Cosmopolis.”

September: “Looper.” “Pitch Perfect.”

October: “Argo.”

November: “Skyfall.” “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.” “The Sessions.”

December: Nothing yet, but this is what I plan to watch: “The Hobbit;” “Django Unchained;” “Les Miserables;” “The Impossible;” “On the Road;” “Amour;” “This is 40;” (at this point, I’ve only watched “Django,” “Les Mis,” and “The Impossible.”


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